Wednesday, February 4, 2009



Meoweee! Thanks, again and again and again to all of mew for mewr kind and warm and wonderful welcomes! I am truly touched by mewr interest in me and my little life here in New York City with this ... PERSON thing who talks to me in the weirdest of voices and calls me all sorts of ridiculous names that are purrrr-mutations of my real name!

My real name, in case I didn't already say it -- maybe I did and I've forgotten, I have so much on my little mind! -- is Shana. It's pronounced "SHAY-nuh" (or, actually, the second syllable contains a SCHWA, but I don't know how to type that ... mew know it, though, as "the upside-down e" from elementary school!), and it means "pretty" in Yiddish. My mom didn't name me, though. The person who found me on the train tracks (story to come!) did. My mom likes to call me DASH MOUTH, though, in honor of my little dash of a mouth.

Mew can call me Shana, and mew can call me Dash Mouth, I don't have a preference. Just don't call mew late to dinner! MEOWMEOW!


  1. Hi Shana! Always nice to meet another blogging kitty!

  2. Hi, Fat Eric! I just popped by mewr blog to see why you're called "Fat". I think mew're very handsome and manly! I am a full-figured girl, so I can fully (get it? MEOW!) appreciate mew!

  3. Hi Shana! Welcome to the CB. Can I ask you do to a BIG favor for my mum. She works with this idiot in New York and wants to have him taken care of. She founded out today that she does all of this work on a report and sends it to him. He passes it off as if he did it. But his bosses' boss was here today and he was set straight on this. HEHEHEHE. Mum is laughing all the way to the liquor cabinet.

  4. hi shana, we is glad to meet you. we cant wait to hear your story. it sounds scary and exciting!

    y2k (yuki, kimiko, & kintaro)

  5. Hello to my mew friends! I welcome mew with open paws! MEOWMEOW! (Derby, I left mew a comment on mewr blog, telling mew I sort of have a connection to Waukesha! What a small world!) (Exclamation points!!!)

  6. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. We're looking forward to reading your adventures.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids