Friday, February 13, 2009

Mewperstitious, much?

Meowllo, everyone!

Listen, I just need mew all to know something. It is NOT MY FAULT that a lot of people actually buy into this blatherskite about Friday the 13th being bad luck. It is NOT MY FAULT that they think that not only is the number itself bad luck but that BLACK CATS are also bad luck and that they have to make a BIG HONKIN' FUSS about seeing a black cat, not only on regular days but especially on this day that has been called BAD LUCK.

I consider my black catness to be a marvelous thing. A fortunate thing. A thing to be admired and adored and cherished. If people want to cower in fear and stupidity at the mere sight of me, that is their problem. I do not buy into it, I do not entertain it, and I refuse to participate. I will meet any such nonsensical behavior associated with the avoidance of black cats with a glance that can only be be described as withering and dismissive. And this glance may, just by coincidence, cause mew to slip on a strategically placed banana peel with one foot and an old fashioned rollerskate (the kind that attaches to the bottom of a shoe with a key!) with the other.

Just so mew know.


  1. Hahaha! Well said, our dear Shana. Well said.

  2. These humans and their stuper-stitions. Fortunately, I live out in the country and don't come across too many doofuses. And, the lady will attest to the fact that I have brought her nothing but good luck (if "luck" can be described as love and laughter).

    Happy Friday the 13th Shana!