Saturday, February 27, 2010

Is this thing on?


Is this thing on? *taptaptap*

I apologize for not being around much in the last -- oh my god, almost four months? Really? It's been that long? I can't believe it! Time flies when you're napping about 23 hours a day. Rip Van Winklemew, much? Holy moly!

I have nothing new to report, except I do have ONE little gripe that I have to get off my furry black chest because it's been rankling me for a while and I think some of mew may relate.

Why oh why why WHY does this person-thing I live with insist on meowing back at me when I speak? What IS that? Is that supposed to be cute and/or funny? Or is it condescending, the way I suspect? When I meow by my food bowl, why must she meow back instead of just reaching for the food and giving me what I want? When I look up at her when she's working and meow just to say meowllo, is it really necessary for her to meow back? And it's not even like she meows right anyway. I do NOT sound like that. My meow is like a field of happy daffodils, bright and sunny and fresh. Her imitation is as fresh and lively as plastic flowers.

Thank mew. I feel better meow.