Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Just a little dash!


Just a short dash (mouth!) of a note before I hit the hay, which is like the equivalent of ten catnaps. I have to get this off my impossibly soft, plush, smooshable chest before I snooze, because otherwise I will forget and then have to do that thing where I wrack and wrack and wrack my brain to remember and come up with nothing! I'm sure mew have done this too. Am I right, ladies and germs (and cats)?

So, this is what I realized! All this time I have been living in this city, I have been pronouncing it wrong! It's MEW YORK, not New York! How could I have been so wrong!

Oh, silly, silly me! MEOWMEOW!


  1. Hi Shana, it's nice to meet you. I think that Mew York is the real name of your city, too.

  2. Haaaaaaai me iz HANsel. I comes bai ta wish yoo hai!


  3. Mew York? That's brilliant!

  4. Welcome, mewcomers! It's nice to see mew!

  5. Shana - sorry we got mixed up before! What a pretty name :-)

    Come on by, we're got a little award for you!

  6. No need to apologize, PB 'n J ... mew can call me Dash Mouth if mew want!

    I'm coming by mewr blog right now! I love awards!