Friday, February 6, 2009

Escape from Meowcatraz!


I just awoke from yet another nap with my mom. This one was longer than what mew would call a cat nap, though, so as much as I would like to call it one, it wasn't. It wasn't as long as some naps we've taken, which can last at least two hours! Those she calls siestas. And no, she doesn't make me wear a sombrero for those, although I must admit I would look really cute in one. She wouldn't look bad in one either, but just between mew and me, I'd look a lot cuter.

So! Yesterday the landlord came down to chat with my mom. He's a very nice older man, sort of a groovy hippie artist type, and he likes to come down and bother us at random times of the day. Mom says he's like Mr. Furley from "Three's Company" only a lot cooler and cuter and without the ascots. So, the two of them were gabbing away, and she was laughing at a lot of stuff he was saying -- even the stuff that, quite frankly, wasn't even that funny (she does this so he will think she's extra charming and not increase the rent, and she must be doing something right because it worked!) -- and I thought, hey, mew know what? Now would be a good time to hightail it outta here!

So, as she stood there on her side of the doorway, acting all coy, and he stood there on his side of the doorway, acting all semi-funny, I took the opportunity to tiptoe between the two of them -- and make my way out into the hallway!! I tell mew, it was a regular escape from Meowcatraz!! Unfortunately, I was wrong in thinking that being all black made me invisible, and she saw me right away and I didn't get any farther than maybe three feet from the two of them. She shooed me back in, and the two of them laughed at me. I didn't see what was funny about that.

I think I probably went into one of the closets later and did something unspeakable in one of her shoes, but I'm not too sure.

Stay tuned!


  1. I try to sneak out too sometimes. Mum is too fast for me and she makes sure she has me before she opens the door for guests.

  2. We don't get to sneak out too often because our Mama is always looking! Do you know how to Telerport? You can find the instructions on the CB:)

  3. ....serve it up cold, Dashmouth!........(can we have close-ups of your dashmouth?)...