Monday, February 9, 2009

Meowentine's Day??


I am going to sleep in two minutes, but before I do, I need to dash off a note to ask all of mew out there a question that is burning up my little brain these past few days: Are we supposed to DO something for our people for Meowentine's Day? Is it not enough that we occasionally swipe their faces with our velvet mitten paws and allow them the supreme honor of stroking our silken tails from time to time in a show of what could pass for a reasonable facsimile of affection if not out and out love?

Or do we have to buy them chocolate (that we can't eat) and flowers (that we want to eat)? Or do we just send them hilarious animated e-cards and bring them a squirrel's tail for breakfast?

Help meowt!


  1. We give our Beans a card, and then we try to be real good the whole day. It's really hard.

  2. I give mum a few extra cuddles. She thinks that is enough. Anything else and I would have to borrow her plastic money.

  3. I find tracing the outline of a heart in the litter box is a welcome gift. It's especially meaningful if there is a tootsie-poop at the center. Heh, heh.