Monday, April 13, 2009

What's it all about, Meowfie?


I'm meowing quite a bit these days, but I have no idea why. My roommate gives me plenty of attention, as does this man-person-thing who visits and stays overnight and whose various bags I pay great tribute to by honoring them with maniacal pawing almost immediately upon his entry. I like the food she gives me. She keeps my litter box clean. She encourages me to acquaint myself with cockroaches and lets me see for myself that it's raining on the patio by opening the door. And not only does she leave the bathroom door open a little so I can lounge by the tub, but she calls that room my "den". So, what's my problem? Why am I such an ingrate?

Or am I trying to tell her something else when I look up at her and meow out of the blue?

What do you mew think? Should I just shut up? Or should I see a purr-apist?


  1. We'd do neither. It's your right to purr whenever you darn well please!

  2. I think you are just talkative!