Monday, April 27, 2009



The good mews is that we don't think my mom has swine flu. We know that swine flu, like all other diseases, is nothing to laugh about, but given that my mom has, over the years, thought she was stricken with everything from polio to prostate cancer, we have to laugh when she finds herself thinking she may have whatever the latest disease is making headlines.

Oddly enough, she never thought she had SARS. Go figure.

So, anyway, she just got back from the store with a new box of litter for me, and she redeemed 45 Paw Points over at the Fresh Step website. So far, she's accrued 590 points, which is almost enough to get me a bed that I would never use. She says she's not going to redeem them until she has enough to buy me my own brownstone here on the Upper West Side.

I just hope she doesn't contract taxoplasmosis before that.


  1. Let's just hope that she never suffers from hairballs!

  2. Don't put any ideas in her head, guys, or next thing mew know, she'll be hacking and yacking with the best of us!