Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Slouching is Sexy


If mewr mom is anything like mine, she's probably telling mew at least half a dozen times a day to sit up straight and to wipe that scowl off mewr face. She's probably also guzzling Diet Coke or coffee like there's no tomorrow and crying over TV commercials that feature dogs (the nerve!) or laughing like an absolute idiot for no reason. If mew are anything like me -- and I KNOW mew are! -- mew want to tell her to leave mew alone and let mew do what mew do best, which is slouch and glower.

As mew can see, I have mastered the art form.


  1. Sounds like our Moms were cut from the same cloth. Beans!

  2. Those humans are always telling us something...as if we would ever listen to them...