Thursday, March 12, 2009

Help Meowt


Hi, guys!

Listen, I know there are these things called RULES that I'm supposed to follow, given that I am forced, for some reason I can't quite fathom, to live as a subordinate in the world of so-called "intelligent" beings that walk upright, have opposable things, and the ability to appear on "American Idol", but sometimes I get get sick and tired of the whole scheme of things. Do mew know what I'm talking about?

Take, for instance, my ongoing problem with my litter box. First of all, there's its name. LITTER box. Like what I do in that box is somehow rubbish, not worthy of accolade, praise, or admiration. The gems I create, to share with the mewniverse, are not appreciated at all, and I feel, quite frankly, rejected.

Just because THEY created a toilet, and THEY think it's somehow civilized to contain that activity within that vessel doesn't mean that the rest of us should have to follow suit. Mew don't see ME telling this person who calls herself my "mom" to "take it outside" or "do that somewhere else", do mew? NO. I don't tell her what to do or where to do it, so I just don't understand why she thinks she can tell me what to do.

Can you help meowt? Should we start a "pet"-ition so we can free ourselves of these ridiculous, unnecessary, and, quite frankly, oppressive rules that have no real place in our lives and only serve to make THEIR lives easier at the expense of making ours a lot less pleasant?

Who's with me?


  1. Shana, you make many valid points. And, I'm glad you put the qualifying "so-called" in front of the word "intelligent". Because anyone who would participate in or even watch that "American Idol" has too much time on their hands. Sort of an...idle American.

    Yeah, that litter box thing can be a pain in the buttinsky (heh). I usually go outdoors, but use the LB in the garage during inclement weather. I suggest that you frame this issue in a way that allows you to see the benefit to YOU of the LB. The main benefit being that if you bury your poops and pees in the scent-reducing "litter", predators and interlopers will be less likely to find you.
    So, I think cooperation is the best choice in this one area.

  2. Shana, humans are just plain necessary evils until evolution of the species provides us with opposable things of our own. We also take issue with humans calling our tiny babies a "litter." Let's face it, they are ill mannered and well nigh impossible to train, but they are good to snuggle upon. So we keep on keeping on...

  3. Grin and bear it, Shana. Grin and bear it.