Thursday, August 2, 2012

Nothin' special, really


I like to start each post with a hearty "Meowllo!" even if I'm not feeling particularly hearty. I realized I did not start my last post that way, and I am feeling a bit out of sorts about that. I know I should "pick my battles" about what I should let get to me and what I should just let slide, but what can I say: I'm mewrotic that way.

I don't have much to say today, really, except that I have been finding great comfort when my roommate sings "Mad World" to me along with a recorded instrumental version she found online. Today she sang it to me twice, and I even stopped licking my paw midstream, I was so mesmerized. I'm not even kidding.

In other mews, she brought home a little mouse a week or so ago, which she found downtown on her way home from the gym. When she brought him in the apartment, I thought it was a special lunch for me, but no, she immediately told me all teary that it wasn't. I cried because I wanted a special lunch but also, if mew must know the truth, I was sad for the little guy. She buried him in the flower box "graveyard", which is also the permanent home for another mouse and two birds.

Enough for meow. It's time to nap. I have a feeling she may be joining me!


  1. Did mew do anything for Tish B'Av?

  2. Just between mew, me, and the lamp post, Louche T., I don't know a lick about any Mewish holidays! Is that one where we eat? Or do we not eat???

  3. Hi Shana--
    You look as cute as ever! I'm back to blogging after a 3 year absence. I thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing. I like that square, cozy bed in your previous post.

    I'm still the king of everything.

  4. Mr. Black!! Meowllo!!! So nice to see mew!

    I haven't been blogging in a while either! Maybe we should make a PACT to do it mewr often and keep each other on track?? Or maybe we should just take a nap, as is our wont? I'm conflicted!