Thursday, February 24, 2011

Basket case!


It's been quite some time, this I meow, but that doesn't mean that I don't make up posts in my head when I have nothing better to mew. I just don't get around to typing them as much I know I should. I know that's no excuse, because I have access not only to the desktop computer but a really nice laptop and a spiffy iPad as well. I suppose I have to just admit it: I'm lazy.

But, mew see, I'd really just prefer to lounge around in my new basket. Do mew like it? The person I live with received it as part of a Valentine's Day gift that her new boyfriend (OMG, he's so cute!!!) gave her, but I knew I could put it to better use than she could and decided to pretend that I thought it was a gift for ME. I waited until the boyfriend went home and then I crept into the basket and settled in. Of course, once she saw how cute I looked, there was no way she would ever be able to use it for something stupid, like storing stockings.

I just have to remember, this is NOT an annex to my litter box!

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